Bacteria for  healthy fish and clear water

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Builds bio-filtration.
  • Harmless, natural occurring probiotic bacteria.
  • Removes phosphates.
  • Reduces algae, fish waste, sludge.
  • Impede the occurrence of bacterial ulcer diseases in koi and fish.
We managed to clean the filters this weekend and added the BeneKoi. By the next day the pond had cleared up nicely….” Deb – Acton, MA
...My pond water looked like green pudding...Within 3 hours we could see about 4 inches into our pond and within 3 days it was perfectly clear!!...
Roxanne S - Maplewood, MN
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...I started to use it a few weeks ago when we had that warm spell and was amazed at how fast it worked...I can see the bottom of my pond that I haven't seen since I first built it.
Frank C. - Dartmouth, Ma
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Recommended dosage:

12 oz (or 24 Tablespoons) treats 4500 gallons pond. 

For more detail dosage for specific pond conditions, please visit BeneKoi Dosage.
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How much BeneKoi to use?
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How does BeneKoi® work?

Enjoy our pond while being environmentally responsible!

Being used by commercial fish breeders for more than 40 years.

This superior blend of harmless microbial is used to prevent fish diseases without chemicals and maintain healthy aquatic environments commercially. They are now available to you.

It works to establish beneficial bacterial flora in the pond and help fights diseases caused by harmful, gram-negative bacteria (aeromonas and pseudomonas) that causes ulcers, sores and lesions on the flesh of the fish.

It has 10 times more effective probiotics that, when ingested, boosts fish immune system and aids in the food digestion.

It builds bio-filtration quickly and prevents unhealthy pond conditions by reducing ammonia and nitrite. These microorganisms also produce special enzymes that clarify pond water for a fresher appearance.

It restores the ecological balance to the pond by participating in allelopathy where the microorganisms in BeneKoi® digest unhealthy chemical signals secreted by plants, fish and bacteria.

Fall and Winter pond clean-up.

  • Decomposes dead algae and leftover food.
  • Removes phosphates without harsh chemicals.
  • Reduces sludge from fallen leaves and waste products.
  • Microorganisms produce special enzymes that clarify water.
  • Builds bio-filtration quickly to reduce ammonia and nitrates.

Naturally removes ammonia, nitrates and nitrites in the pond.

Unhealthy conditions develop in nitrates-rich water. BeneKoi® naturally removes ammonia, nitrates and nitrites by digesting fish wastes, uneaten food, fallen leaves and rotting plant material.

To learn more about the effects of nitrates, please read Nitrogen Cycle Paradox.

All season pond maintenance, even at zero oxygen conditions.

BeneKoi® continues to work efficiently at close to freezing water. Temperature even when most brands of bacteria typically stop working when the water temperature falls below 60.

Most nitrifying bacteria stop working when oxygen level is low. At zero oxygen conditions, the pond undergoes a fermentation process that produces hydrogen sulfide gas (sewage gas with a rotten egg smell) that dissolves in water to make a dangerous acid that kills fish. BeneKoi® contains facultative anaerobes which allows sludge, dead leaves and other organic wastes to breakdown into harmless byproducts.

Bad water quality promotes rapid growth of harmful bacteria in the pond. Some of these harmful bacteria cause awful ulcers to grow on the fish. BeneKoi® establishes superior beneficial bacterial flora which helps to fight diseases caused by bad, gram-negative bacteria (aeromonas and pseudomonas) that cause fish sores and lesions.

Works 3 times faster than leading bacteria brand.

BeneKoi® contains 5 beneficial microbial strains that work up to 3 times faster than the leading bacteria brand to eliminate sludge, toxic organic waste materials and boosts fish immune system.

Establish new ponds and filters quickly.

BeneKoi® speeds up the nitrification process by seeding new ponds and new filters with beneficial microorganisms. Special nutrients in BeneKoi® help the microorganisms to quickly establish themselves in your pond without having to add chemicals to your pond.

Beneficial enzymes produced to treats pond organic waste including, but not limited to algae, sludge and phosphates.

List of enzymes:

  • Lipase - Breaks down fats and oily wastes that other nitrifying bacteria fail to digest.
  • Cellulase- Breaks down cellulose materials like algae, leaves and twigs.
  • Keratinase - Digests a protein found in feathers, wool and hair.
  • Protease - Breaks down large protein materials from fish wastes, excess food particles, and protein hormones.
  • Amylase - Digests starch which is common in decaying plant material.
  • Ligninase - Breaks down lignin which gives wood its stiffness.
  • Pectinase - Breaks down pectin - a component of rotting plant material.
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About Posh Buyer, Inc.

Learn more about us.

Benekoi® is a proprietary blend of naturally occurring microorganism pond product created by Posh Buyer, Inc, previously Aclearium Lab Solutions, Inc.  Our company is a certified minority, woman-owned regional distributor of laboratory research supplies and equipment and aquaculture industry supplies to the New England region. Our company was established in 2003 and located in Westford, Massachusetts.
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BeneKoi® Dosage

BeneKoi is a natural product.  Patience is the key to success.

We recommend a full strength dosage of 16 oz for 6,000 gallons of water or 1 tablespoon per 200 gallons. 

This is to help completely reestablish the ecological balance in the pond, especially when other brands of bacteria products were used. For best results, treat 2 times within 7 days at recommended the above stated full strength dosage.

If you use less than 1 tablespoon per 200 gallons, the effects may take longer to appear.

Sometimes, a booster dosage may be needed.

In BeneKoi established pond:

  • For late spring startup or winter preparation, use 1 tablespoon for 200 gallons.
  • For summer or fall maintenance, use 1 tablespoon per 600 gallons.

Sometimes, a booster dosage may be needed.

Regular strength booster dosage is 1 tablespoon per 600 gallons. It can be applied within a few days or anytime after Benekoi was added for first treament or seasonal changes. Conditions that required a regular strength booster dosage:

  • added new fish,
  • increased fish feeding,
  • temperature fluctuations,
  • recently cleaned filtration system,
  • changes in pond filtration system,
  • used medication or chemicals in the pond.

Full strength booster dosage of 1 tablespoon per 200 gallons is needed if your pond in any of these conditions:

  • contains too much algae or sludge,
  • water temperature is too low (<65),
  • has poor aeration or filtration systems,
  • is a natural pond. (Please see FAQ on how BeneKoi works on a natural pond.)

Please ensure that your pond enables Benekoi to work effectively by visiting Benekoi optimal working conditions.

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