Would you like to see your fish swimming happily in your pond?

Would you like to see your murky pond water transform into clear healthy water?


Murky water                                                                Clear water

Using no Chemicals!


Trusted by fish farms and aquaculture experts around the world for more than 40 years. Now you can too.

BeneKoi restores and improves water quality and appearance so that your ponds and water gardens can be healthy and ecologically balanced.

BeneKoi contains a water soluble blend of odorless microbes found in nature and harmless to animals, plants, people, and the environment. Benefits of using Benekoi includes:


   All seasons including Fall & Winter pond clean up
   Reduces sludge from fallen leaves and waste products
   Improves fish health with beneficial microorganisms
   Builds bio-filtration quickly to reduce ammonia and nitrite
   Clarifies water quickly
   Natural flocculent to remove organic wastes
   Decomposes dead algae & leftover food
   Removes phosphates without harsh chemicals

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